Free crowdfunding platform helps sick veterinarian raise over $10,000 in five days

Imagine a free crowdfunding site that gives a platform for people to raise money for their causes and campaigns while at the same time donates money to campaigns on its site? That’s FreeFunder, a new site that recently helped a sick veterinarian raise over $14,000 at the end of the campaign—without any fees charged for the donations received.

Besides the fact that FreeFunder doesn’t charge any fees to members receiving donations for their campaigns, it actually donates $20 and $50 to campaigns reaching at least 100 and 500 shares, respectively, on Facebook.

One of the recipients of this platform is veterinarian Denis Daman from Butler, Pennsylvania, who is fighting a life-threatening disease.

Learning that Boston Medical Center would not handle the treatment costs, Daman’s office assistant, Aubrey Kornrumpf, created the fundraising campaign on FreeFunder.

Kornrumpf set the goal at $8,000 to cover the costs of housing that Daman had to handle unexpectedly.

In five days, it raised over $10,000.

At the end of the campaign, it received over $14,000 to cover housing, food, and other incidentals.

“I was so happy to see the results of this fundraiser,” FreeFunder founder John Symonds said in a statement. “Giving people a free platform to raise money for worthy causes like this is why I created FreeFunder in the first place. It was awesome to see all the support for Dr. Daman from the people whose lives he’s touched.”

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