Editorial & Multimedia Production Services

NewsNarratives FiX (NNFiX) is a diverse team of freelance journalists, writers, editors, photojournalists/photographers, researchers, cameramen, historians, former NGO workers, travel consultants, and other creatives in the Philippines. We provide various editorial and multimedia production support services, such as research, investigation, recce, securing/scouting sources, translation, logistics, photo and video coverage, casting, editing, and writing, among others, whether for print, online, TV, audio, film, or video companies. We also can help arrange necessary documentation, filming permit, security escort, airline and hotel reservation, and service vehicles. 

The team is led by Lorela U. Sandoval, a Filipino journalist and news fixer who has worked with various award-winning media colleagues overseas. Collectively, we have assisted reporters and production teams for foreign media outlets since 2016. 

By providing production support services, we are able to sustain the operations of our online newsmagazine at https://newsnarratives.com, which covers underreported social issues and human interest stories in the Philippines written in longform. 

Let us know how we can help you and we’ll be happy to discuss!

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