Alongside the World Resources Institute (WRI), France will take on the co-presidency role in the Open Government Partnership on Tuesday, September 20, with main priorities of the joint presidency to be presented during the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The WRI is a non-governmental organization (NGO) operating in over 50 countries that promotes sustainable development and fights climate change.

Meanwhile, said partnership is a multilateral initiative founded in 2011, which brings together 70 nations and hundreds of NGOs.

The initiative aims to fight corruption and boost public integrity, to strengthen democracy with the use of digital tools and new technologies, and to advocate transparency of public action, among others.

Since the partnership’s establishment, member states have undertaken over 2,000 commitments to open government.

The global summit will be hosted by France in Paris on December 7-9, making way for academics, international organizations, civil society representatives, and member states to converse about their progress, best practices, and experiences on open government.

To represent the WRI is its executive vice president and director Manish Bapna, while France will be represented by its Secretary of State Jean-Vincent Place.


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