Nissan Motor Corporation bids goodbye to queuing for hours and the physical strain that goes with it—at least for now in Japan—through its latest innovation called ProPILOT Chair unveiled on Tuesday, September 27.

“Named after the company’s flagship autonomous driving technology, the ProPILOT Chair detects and automatically follows the chair ahead of it, maintaining a fixed distance and travelling along a set path,” the company said in a statement.

Resembling the way the ProPILOT system for vehicles, it keeps a safe distance between vehicles and guarantees these vehicles remain in the center of their lane.

Its user-friendly viewpoint supports the company’s ProPILOT autonomous driving technology that was devised to alleviate workload of drivers with the assistance of the most tedious and repetitive parts of driving in choke points.

The company said Intelligent Mobility is the unifying concept for both innovations, which visualizes “how cars will be driven, powered and integrated into society.”

The ProPILOT Chair will have numerous real-world testing, assured the company.

Between its launch on Tuesday and December 27, all restaurants in Japan can request to use the said chair by tweeting the name and webpage together with the hashtags #Wanted and #NissanProPilotChair.

Other Twitter users interested can also tweet using the hashtag #NissanProPilotChair.

Said chair will be available at selected restaurants next year.

An exhibition of five ProPILOT chairs will also be seen at the public gallery of the company’s global headquarters in Yokohama starting tomorrow until October 2.


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