Standards on extreme thinness in fashion industry are worrying: Study

A new study has found that female models in the fashion industry reported that pressure to lose weight is very high, which leads to a higher possibility of getting involved in unhealthy habits in controlling weight.

“The American fashion industry has the opportunity now to join France, Israel, Milan, Madrid, and others, where governments have taken important steps to protect the health of models. Our study findings help to shine a light on the working conditions these young models are facing and offer insights for how we can do better,” lead author Dr. Rachel Rodgers said in a statement. “Every model deserves a guarantee of safe and healthy working conditions and these are reflected in the images that young people see. It’s a healthier environment for everyone.”

The study, published by the International Journal of Eating Disorders, is the largest so far in terms of exploring disordered eating habits of professional fashion models and of examining the rates of particular behaviors on unhealthy weight control.

When pondering on possible policy approaches that intend to enhance the working and health conditions in the fashion industry, the models ranked approaches that increased protection on works as the most feasible of all.

Ranked with the least impact was the imposition of restrictions on minimum body mass index, which some regulators suggested, according to the paper Results of a strategic science study to inform policies targeting extreme thinness standards in the fashion industry.

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