Eating eggs can develop your child’s growth according to a new study at the Brown School of Washington University in St. Louis that discovered a direct correlation between height and that breakfast staple.

“Eggs can be affordable and easily accessible,” study lead author and leading expert in child nutrition, Lora Iannotti, said in a statement. “They are also a good source of nutrients for growth and development in young children. Eggs have the potential to contribute to reduced growth stunting around the world.”

In a controlled and randomized trial in 2015, children in Ecuador with ages 6 to 9 months were given one egg a day for six months as opposed to a control group who received none.

The study found out that eggs increased standardized weight-for-age and length-for-age score, and decreased the rampancy of stunting by 47 percent and underweight by 74 percent.

“We were surprised by just how effective this intervention proved to be,” said Iannotti. “The size of the effect was 0.63 compared to the 0.39 global average. Our study carefully monitored allergic reactions to eggs, yet no incidents were observed or reported by caregivers during the weekly home visits. Eggs seem to be a viable and recommended source of nutrition for children in developing countries.”

She added that eggs are considered a complete food, without a doubt safely packaged and more accessible in poor countries than other types of food.

The Pediatrics journal published the study, “Eggs in Complementary Feeding and Growth,” on June 6.


By Excel V. Dyquiangco

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