The Naval Shipbuilding College based in Adelaide, Australia plans to grow its shipbuilding industry by providing opportunities for education and training providers across the country.

Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Defence Industry, who welcomed the proposal in Canberra, said that the first phase – which would cost about $25 million – is very much important and essential in building the workforce for the opportunities to be provided by said program.

“The critical thing is to establish a long-term sustainable industry with an Australian workforce. To do that we need to grow the pool of available workers in key trades like metal-fabrication, welding and boiler-making. The interest in the briefing is particularly heartening, with more than 70 attendees from across the country,” said Minister Pyne. “Officials from the Department of Defence, as well as the Department of Education and Training met with a range of companies and potential providers interested in providing for the Naval Shipbuilding College.”

The Naval Shipbuilding College will start its operations on January 1, 2018 promises to be “truly national in scope” and “complementary to, rather than competitive with existing institutions.”

For further information on the college’s request for proposal, visit the AusTender website at


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