In order to regain the status of Tokyo as the “top global financial city in Asia,” the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has devised a new plan known as the “Financial System Reform in Tokyo — Tokyo’s Big Bang.”

This new plan seeks to develop FinTech business as well as initiatives to encourage the development of new businesses.

TMG has made moves to attract foreign businesses with advanced FinTech technologies and business models.

It also has launched a new program called “Accelerator Program — FinTech Business Camp Tokyo,” which is a camp geared to encourage businesses and other individuals to bring back the life of the economy.

The camp has started accepting students this June. Deadline for application is on July 14.

August will be the selection and announcement of five foreign businesses. September will be the introductory seminar, October to November will be for mentoring, networking, and business matching, among others.

By Excel V. Dyquiangco

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