Wired Correspondence aims to be an independent and progressive online newsmagazine that will focus on crowd-sourced stories on under-reported social issues in the Philippines and elsewhere written in narrative, longform journalism.  We intend to extensively cover stories of people and communities whose struggles are left under-covered, unheard, or un-addressed by the governments or other institutions. But as a progressive publication, we focus less on what these institutions failed to do for them, rather focus more on what can still be done by you, me, the reader, and the other members of the community who have the capacity to alleviate their environment or situation, one way or another. We leave those hardcore investigations on bureaucratic irregularities to the mainstream media and other outlets that have far better resources.

Then again, it’s not all about the failures and struggles. We also want good stories that inspire and give hope. Besides, don’t we all want that?

So, we plan to feature stories of people who won life’s struggles in hopes of learning from them and sharing their lessons to others who, at one point in their lives, felt they were losing or have lost the game.

We also want to feature ordinary individuals who are contributing extraordinary work whether to their family or community—yes, the many unsung heroes in our society.

Our mission is straightforward: to help and inspire people through our storytelling, by producing content that targets the heart to feel and provokes the brain to act on it—in a good way.

We start all these in our own backyard, the Philippines, with a dream of pursuing elsewhere.


Beyond publishing these stories, we believe in paying it forward, too, so we will offer free summer writing workshops to public schools around the Philippines. Every year, we will choose one school beneficiary for the free workshop to find, inspire, and train future writers and journalists. We will collaborate with colleagues in the media industry who are willing to share their experiences to these children.

We believe that the written word has not lost its power: it was here, is here, and will be here until humanity stops reading, lest it loses its language. And there’s a need to perpetuate good writing of good stories for the good of humanity.



By NewsNarratives Admin

NewsNarratives is a women-led independent online magazine that focuses on underreported social issues and human interest stories in the Philippines, written in longform.

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